TVM: Student Television at McGill is the university's outlet for student television and film media. Succeeding its role as a movie-making club throughout the '90s, TVM was officially founded in 2001 as a SSMU media service. The organization has grown impressively over the past two decades, acquiring a reputation for in-depth news coverage and innovative, exciting new programming. Winner of the 2003, 2006 and 2011 Service of the Year Award, as well as the 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2011 Website of the Year Award, TVM has garnered numerous accolades for its work. TVM regularly publishes videos relevant to the McGill community, focusing on Arts & Culture, Comedy, Drama, Music, News, Campus & City Life, and more. TVM also organizes an annual Fokus Film Festival to promote and showcase student's films to the student community. Funding was initially mainly provided by SSMU, but after a student-initiated referendum motion that was successfully passed in March 2010, TVM is now supported directly from its own student funded levy.



TVM is a student run television station and production outlet that aims to become an intricate part of the McGill community. We, at TVM, work hard to provide entertainment and news for the McGill community. These are our objectives in no particular order:

  1. To be a creative outlet for any and all SSMU or PGSS members who wish to express themselves and explore the medium of video production.

  2. To be a free educational institution for the McGill community, and a not-for-profit educational institution for the Montreal community at large.

  3. To be a content producer and distributor by yielding high quality content for a wide audience.

  4. To be an accessible and active producer of content in conjunction with other McGill groups in order to engender positive community and promote opportunity for McGill students.

  5. To be an enjoyable place to work by encouraging and stimulating growth and professional development for all members of TVM during their tenure.


President: Hannah B. Moore VP Internal: Kathleen Hannah Beach VP External: Jocelyn Weisman VP Finance: Lorenzo Carrara Carrara Executive Producer: Sofia Masson Reidbord Chief Editor: Georges Rafie