The Game: Episode Four

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on in the world around you but in a funny-enough- to-swallow way instead of a scary-real-life way? McGill University's most cynical and satirical comment on topics including but not exclusive to: haircuts, Danny DeVito, Pluto, #420, foreskins, ableism, and fake moustaches!


Credits: Max Katz, D.J. Mausner, Andrej Gomizelj, Dan Moczula, Joey Haar, Mathew Robert, Zev Macklin, Courtney Kassel, Lillian King, Tatyana Olal, Matt Bobkin, Lou Gatti, Carlos Greaves, Erin Masters, Bridget Walsh, Emery Fine, Jonathan Benedict, Erika Loyola-Andrade, Victoire Scherer