SSMU Executive Elections 2016 Video Pensketches

Voting takes place from March 16-18 at These are the SSMU Executive Candidates! Please note that candidates had the option of creating a 1-minute video pensketch with TVM. Those candidates without a pensketch have chosen not to participate. TVM is a SSMU Service and is entirely neutral in its coverage of SSMU Executive Elections.

VP University Affairs: Erin Sobat (no video)

VP Student Life: Dushan Tripp, Elaine Patterson

VP Operations: Sacha Magder

VP Internal: Daniel Lawrie

VP Finance: Niall Carolan

VP External: Alexei Simakov (no video), David Aird

President: Ben Ger, Jordan Sinder


Videos produced and edited by: Lou Gatti, Kyle Rubenok, Jeffrey Li, Chris Tse, Leah Mesh-Ferguson, Aya Schechner