PSSAcademy Awards - Professor Awards and MJPS Launch Live Stream

Yes, that's right - we booked the Faculty Club Ballroom for you! You're humbly invited to PSSA's annual end of the year Professor Awards ceremony, where awards will be presented for "Prof of the Year," "Course of the Year," and "TA of the Year" - to name a few. PSSA will also be launching the McGill Journal of Political Studies, our prestigious peer-reviewed publication. We invite you to come support your Professors as they receive awards of recognition and watch some of McGill's finest young academics present their research.

Other info: - Complimentary alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. - Dress code: Business Casual - (A lot of) Professors will be in attendance.

► Awards: - Professor of the Year - Course of the Year - TA of the Year - Canadian Course of the Year - Comparative Course of the Year - IR Course of the Year - Theory Course of the Year

► McGill Journal of Political Studies - Editor-in-Chief: Erica Pedersen - Publications: 1. Brian Huang, "Holding Back to Push Forward: The Role of Remedial Minimalism in Uniting the Rule of Law and Democracy in Canada." 2. Alexandra Sakellariou, "Same-Sex Marriage Legalization and the Issue of Judicial Review in the USA." 3. Priscille Biehlmann, “The Case for Historically Black Colleges and Universities” 4. Egor Fedorov, “The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham: The Group’s Nation-Building Project Through the Instrumental Use of Violence” 5. Louise Guerner, “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Anti-Semitism in France: A Link and its Implications” 6. Samuel Gregory, “Chrétien and Iraq: Explaining Canada’s Decision to Say No to War and the Role of International Law” 7. Jamie Cernek, “Marginalization and the High Seas: Piracy as a Function of Politically Sustainable Grievances in Somalia and Nigeria” 8. Constantine Valettas, “Russia in the Black Sea Peninsula: Intervention, Annexation, and the Role of International Law”


Producers: Kyle Rubenok