Livestream: Canadian Federal Election Inter-Party Debate Presented by McGill PSSA

During one of the closest elections in Canadian electoral history, where three different leaders have been leading the polls in the last month, the McGill Political Science Students' Association is bringing you an evening of live(ly) debate and discussion on the topic of the 2015 Canadian Election. ► PANEL DISCUSSION:

Confirmed attendees: - Provost Christopher Manfredi (PhD, Claremont Graduate School) - Professor Richard Schultz (PhD, York University) - Professor Elisabeth Gidengil (PhD, McGill University) - Professor William Watson (PhD, Yale University)

► BILINGUAL DEBATE FORMAT: - Opening Statements delivered by the candidate from each party running to be a member of Parliament - Debate between Liberal McGill, NDP McGill, and Conservative McGill - Each party gets two representatives - Four topics, 15 minutes per topic - Audience will have the opportunity to prompt representatives with questions - Questions and answers will be delivered in both French and English

Topics: - The Economy - Foreign Policy - Democracy - Audience's Choice (we’ll have a poll where you get to pick the topic!)


Thanks to the Liberal McGill, NDP McGill, Conservative McGill, and the Pre-Law Students' Society for helping us make this happen!


Credits: Lou Gatti, Kyle Rubenok, Sharon Xie