Healthy Eating at McGill : Farmer's Market

A quick look into McGill's Farmer's Market as a healthy eating option on campus that is affortable and sustainable for students! Featuring two student run stalls: Rawlin' Rolls and Boca Verde.

Rawlin' Rolls: Rawlin is a not-for-profit organization that was founded less than one year ago. Our goal is simple: give students a healthy, environmentally friendly, and affordable food option on campus, while also encouraging the adoption of more sustainable eating habits! Our motto consists of three main ideas: Eat, Learn, and Change.

Boca Verde: Boca Verde is a caterer based in Montreal, specialized in vegetarian and vegan meal solutions. Whether you are a worker in a hurry, a parent with no time to cook or a student craving a decent lunch option, we are developing innovative and accessible meal solutions to facilitate your daily life. Made with local, organic and neglected vegetables, we are continually creating authentic and tasty recipes that keep our clients coming back for more.

Produced by: Naomi Bouvresse, Sofia Reidboard, Pablo Martinez, George Rafie