Unfortunately we are not currently hiring for other 2019-2020 Exec at this time. , but keep an eye on the TVM: Student Television at McGill Facebook Page to find out when additional positions become available!

Are you interested in joining a team of highly motivated and wildly creative people? Are you a film maker or interested in becoming one? If so, join TVM! We are a student group dedicated to making high quality content for the McGill Community. Our projects range from short films to lecture recordings, they include hype films for events, after-movies, and so much more! If you are an aspiring Director, Editor, Grip, or just want the chance to be a part of exciting creative projects then look out for our hiring periods in the beginning of the Fall and Winter terms!

Associate Producers:

Associate Producers are a developmental group within TVM who work alongside fully fledged producers in order to create their own projects or in order to help others with theirs. Associate Producers will often end up moving on to take on roles as full Producers.

All Associate Producers can pitch and/or work on videos in any area of filmmaking under the direct supervision of a producer/Editor!

Producers (Executives):

Each Producer is encouraged to explore as many aspects of production as they would like throughout their time at TVM. Producers may engage in all elements of production, from planning to cinematography, costumes, design, etc. and working with editors. A producers may choose to focus their time at TVM on a specific aspect of production (like costume or set design, or sports).

All Producers can pitch, produce and/or work on videos in any area of filmmaking!


Each editor is encouraged to explore as many aspects of post-production and production as they would like throughout their time at TVM. Editors have access to the TVM Editing Computers and the full Adobe and Apple suite of editing applications with which they can work with producers or by themselves on any projects they would like so long as they relate to TVM.

All Editors can pitch, produce and/or work on videos in any category/ area of filmmaking!


Administration / LEADERSHIP positions:

TVM’s Leadership Team is the backbone operations of the service, overseeing all daily production and the support needed for production to happen. These positions require strong interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills, and great time management abilities. They should be self-motivated and willing to take initiative

TVM’s Admin is the administrative board that oversees the operations of the service. The Admin is responsible for ensuring the Constitution and Bylaws are adhered to and respected, and have the responsibility of making impactful decisions for the future of TVM. The Admin is also responsible for ensuring student funds are appropriately and effectively allocated, and for monitoring the work of all members of the Exec. Admin Members should be organized and motivated, and have solid communication and interpersonal skills.  

Administration Team:


Vice President Internal

Vice President External

Vice President Finance

Executive Producer

Chief Editor

Leadership Team:

Tech Director

I.T. Director

Graphics Coordinator

Music Composer

Note: Not all positions are available during all hiring periods. For more information see top of page