All year, TVM runs free workshops open to the entire McGill community. This is an amazing opportunity to get some real hands-on experience and learn more about the aspects of production that interest you most – from pre-production and editing to lighting, cinematograpy and graphics design, we offer everything! See the calendar below for our workshop schedule!

If there is a specific skill you'd like to learn or a workshop you'd like to see offered, email Hannah Beach-Byrnes (VP Internal) or come visit us in office hours!


APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED - The deadline to apply was Sunday, September 24th 2017. If you missed our deadline to apply, make sure you are subscribed to our listserv to find out the next time our program will be accepting applications and to be updated on our other workshops throughout the semester!

The Education Program is designed to provide students with the basic Pre-Production, Camera, Lighting, Audio, Editing and Post-Production skills to be able to produce a video. Once a student graduates from the program, they become an Associate Producer (AP), and are able to be sponsored by a current TVM exec member, giving the student access to TVM equipment to make videos, or assist on other ongoing TVM shoots. APs can also use TVM office space, and attend TVM Team meetings.

Feel free to contact Hannah Beach-Byrnes (VP Internal) with any questions or concerns. Make sure to sign up for our listserv and check back here to stay updated on all of TVM's workshop offerings and other opportunities!